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Only 1 Star for Facebook’s New Endorsement Feature

6578a364f7c55632ea619daf9fdf86cdWe were so excited to hear about the new endorsement feature on Facebook but wished it had come out earlier in the season. We are working on the social media for the re-election campaign for Lawrence Davis to the Sherman City Council and we were hoping this would be a great way to showcase his endorsements. Nope!  After testing, here’s our gripes with it:

  • You can’t add a photo to it and you can’t advertise it (boost it).
  • To ask for an endorsement using this feature, it adds a general request to the public on your timeline. You can’t specify who you send the request to.
  • If someone uses this method of endorsing you, it goes on an Endorsements tab of your page after you approve it; it doesn’t show up on the timeline and you can’t share it there. Also, it will only go on the endorsements page if the person’s endorsement was set to “public”.
  • Your endorsements are not tracked in page insights.  No analytics!  What?!
  • People that have already endorsed you would have to re-post their endorsement. There isn’t a way to add the endorsement to the endorsements tab.

If Facebook adds the ability to show the endorsement on your timeline, add pictures, boost and measure it through page insights, we’ll get excited about it again.