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Marketing to Millennials

millennials-canstockphoto7802645Did you know that Millennials make up 80% of the market? They are technologically savvy and because they are, business’ need to use that to their advantage. 75% of them have at least one social media account. This statistic is enough reason for business to focus their social strategies to this market. Millennials love things on the go.

Millennials look for a brand. They want to see how it can relate to their personal experience. Focus on providing a personal experience. Be transparent and authentic in order to humanize your brand.

Videos!!! Pay attention to them. Millennials watch more videos online than they do cable TV. Since they are on the go, videos are quick and easier to digest than long posts. Use videos for product demos and brand introduction.

Reviews! Millennials seek peer input so reviews and word of mouth make a big impression on their purchase decision. Reviews will help develop your brand’s authenticity.

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