Billow Marketing can create unique designs that develop your business’ image and help your target audience identify your product or service.

Branding goes beyond the selection of a company name and logo design. Branding influences virtually every activity in the enterprise with each point of customer contact.

A well-defined, well-positioned, strong brand influences employees and customers to think of a company in terms of positive brand attributes: quality, dependability, trust, and reliability. It is the reason why employees and customers evangelize a company. Brand building is a process that establishes and solidifies a relationship between a company, its employees, and its customers. When done right, branding drives sales, lowers the cost of acquiring new customers, increases customer retention and loyalty, and attracts talented employees who remain with the company over the long term. On a balance sheet, brand equity is reflected in customer goodwill and financial value. The core strategy of a branding plan is to clearly identify the brand message and communicate it consistently. To reach this point, a brand assessment is required.

So, what is your brand saying? Does it convey the message you want for your business? If you feel it is time to rebrand your company or create one for your new business, let us know! Billow Marketing has a team of well-qualified graphic designers who can give your business the look it deserves. If you choose us to work on your brand, we will examine what your business does best and look at your target demographic to create graphics and proper dialogue to best describe your business to your specific audience. We want to show them why your company exists, why it is better than other companies in your field, and how it can satisfy their needs. Great branding: you either have it or you don’t!

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