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Is website maintenance really needed?

Website maintenance is a key component of owning a website. Sometimes it can feel more like an annoyance than a necessity to update and maintain your website regularly. However, the internet is constantly changing and what may be only a few weeks or months to you could be considered an eternity to the internet. Software in general is always updating to improve upon itself. Websites are no different.

A properly maintained website can protect you from security threats and vulnerabilities. Old code can contain “back doors” to allow hackers and bots access to your files allowing them to take advantage of your data. For example, neglecting to update your plugins on your WordPress website could allow attackers to infiltrate your website files. Old plugins could contain deprecated functionality that could be exploited. Remembering to update your website periodically can prevent your information from being compromised.

Here at Billow Marketing, we manage WordPress websites for our clients by ensuring that their core WordPress installation is up to date and that all plugins are updated to the latest compatible version(s). We also provide a hosting service via GoDaddy and manage server-side upgrades such as upgrading to the latest secure branches of PHP. We offer a number of maintenance packages including a monthly plan. If you have any questions or are interested in signing up for website maintenance for your WordPress website, please call us at 903-662-8270 to get started today!