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Instagram & Hashtags

[vc_row tlg_background_style=”bg-primary” tlg_parallax=”not-parallax” css=”.vc_custom_1493323845715{background-image: url( !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Instagram now has over half a billion “active” users and is continuously growing. It’s a very simple, easy-to-use photo sharing app, so it’s a great way to capture other’s attention with your photos and engage them in your posts. You can now have a “clickable” link to your business’ website or blog, etc. in your bio. So, if you can grab the user’s interests and reach your target audience, this can now help lead to increased traffic to your site and help you get possible return customers or readers; if you can keep them engaged in your posts!

Because of the millions of account users, you need to know exactly HOW to reach your target market and be noticed. One way to catch their eye is by using hashtags. But be specific! These do need to actually apply to your photos to grab the right viewers attention. This is a great way for users to find and follow you if they are interested in your product or service while searching on Instagram. If your photo is of a dog, use hashtags that are related and popular to reach more users. For example, good hashtags for this photo if posted on the correct day, would be #nationaldogday or #beagle. Both of these hashtags have over five million posts to them and will be seen by SOMEONE who has similar interests; which would lead to more photo “likes” and possibly new followers for your page.